Rene Anton Music

Welcome to my site !

I will use this site as place where some of my songs and compositions along with my production engineering work will be posted.
Along with this post i will included photos of visits to where my journey takes me!

As for now i am currently working on New material as always, for my own archive . As a producer engineering i am lucky thru my
training to be both a professional musician and a trained recording engineer , sound engineer my advantage to this field is the
fact that i can sit behind a score and be able to know what your talking about as artist myself i am also aware of the point view of the artist.
I have experience in both as a musician and as a engineer. My experience as part of Chick Corea’s engineering staff at the now
closed MadHatter Studios in Los Angeles along with Universal Studios and my freelance work in various recording studios both in the states and in europe have helped me become
better in my field and increase my standards and quality of work .

A good production in my opinion is first and most of all talent, and the hunger to always push the creative musical mind.

The best productions are always pushing the musical limits and technology of their time and this is what i enjoy !

My strong advantages are my understanding of the vocal voice , my years as a guitarist, my piano playing for songwriting composition
along with my musical studies.

I look forward to working on future projects both as musician and as an engineer!

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with me please contact me through the link below.